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Peter Patilla

Peter Patilla was surprised while enjoying pizza with his family at The Loaf when, together with David Billyeald, I appeared from the bakehouse. All of the diners were intrigued as I introduced myself as Chair of Crich Standard and David as past Chair of the previously named Crich Area Community News.

It was then my very great pleasure to explain the purpose of our interruption: to present Peter with the Crich Area Community News Community Award, in recognition of his 12 years of dedication as Editor of the much-loved community magazine.

Peter is well known for his work in the parish and the legacy of CACN is a landmark of the many contributions that he has made on behalf of all of us. As Chair during that time, David spoke movingly of his honour to have Peter as a friend and expressed the enormous gratitude that the villages of Crich, Fritchley and Whatstandwell have for the work and service that Peter has given over the years as Editor.

Together we were delighted to present Peter with his award and for him to receive the warm appreciation of fellow diners. In turn, and by his own admission, Peter described himself as unusually lost for words as he expressed shock, surprise and delight at his award presentation.

It was a great honour to be involved in this event, and on behalf of everyone at Crich Standard I commit that we will continue to uphold the values and standards that Peter Patilla has set for our publication.

Tony Mills

Just a note of gratitude for the Community Award recently made to me on behalf of the Crich Standard committee.

I was non-plussed when my 54th wedding anniversary pizza meal at The Loaf was preceded by the presentation of the award to me by Tony Mills and David Billyeald. I am rarely at a loss for words! I had no idea how sneaky my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren could be, as they had known this was going to happen. My wife and I had no idea. The very kind words said by Tony and David were most appreciated. It has been a privilege and pleasure to have edited the Crich Area Community News over the past 12 years and to have been so involved in creating the WW1 Roll of Honour, complementary book and website to all those who served from Crich Parish. None of this would have been possible without the total support and encouragement given to me by my friends and colleagues on the CACN committee.

I would also like to thank Andrew Auld and Roger Bode for allowing the presentation to be made at The Loaf. The evening became even more special to me.

I hope that the new team have as much satisfaction in producing Crich Standard as we retiring members had in producing Crich Area Community News .

Peter Patilla, former Editor of CACN