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Joyce and Paul Sayles

Joyce and Paul Sayles with David Billyeald

Each year an award is made to someone who has voluntarily made a significant contribution to our community. This year it has been awarded to Joyce and Paul Sayles who have been stalwart members of the Crich Fête Committee for a great many years. Paul, a local farmer, is the longest serving Crich fireman with thirty-two years of service. Joyce is a member of the Crich Preschool team. Both are very supportive of charity work in the community and the award is a small token of our appreciation.

The presentation took place on Sunday 27 September 2015 at the Cliff Inn when CACN chairman David Billyeald, accompanied by CACN photographer Roger Phipp, gate-crashed a committee meeting of the Crich Fête Committee to surprise the pair of them with the award.

If you consider someone worthy of receiving the Community Award because their voluntary activities in the parish, please let us have your suggestion.