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Stephanie Day

Stephanie Day with her Community Award
Stephanie Day with her Community Award

Stephanie Day was 2017’s worthy recipient of the CACN community award. Steph has been involved with the Glebe Field Centre for 20 years. She began as a volunteer driver for the Daycare and the Luncheon Club. She went on to be involved with the running of the Luncheon Club and also helped out at Daycare events and themed lunches.

She became the Luncheon Club’s representative on the management committee and is still a committee member working tirelessly to help to keep the centre functioning.

Over the last year Steph has spent many hours exploring funding opportunities to try and secure the future of the Daycare facility. All of the work Steph does for the Glebe is on a voluntary basis and is very much appreciated.

If you consider someone worthy of receiving the Community Award because their voluntary activities in the parish, please let us have your suggestion.