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Community Awards

The Crich Standard Community Award (formerly CACN Community Award) is to be presented annually to someone who has voluntarily worked to improve, or enhance, the community spirit in our parish.

It has been awarded since 2008 and you can read all about past recipients here by clicking on the images or the links in the menu.

If you consider someone worthy of receiving the Community Award because their voluntary activities in the parish, please let us have your suggestion.

  • Peter Patilla

    Peter Patilla receives the 2019 award

    Peter Patilla receives the 2019 Community Award.

  • Crich Firefighters

    Crich Firefighters receive the award

    Crich Firefighters receive the 2018 CACN Community Award.

  • Stephanie Day

    Stephanie Day with her award

    Stephanie Day receives the 2017 CACN Community Award.

  • Doreen Mason

    Doreen Mason receives her award

    Doreen Mason receives the 2016 CACN Community Award.

  • Joyce and Paul Sayles

    Joyce and Paul Sayles receive their award

    Joyce and Paul Sayles receive the 2015 CACN Community Award.

  • Valerie Thorpe

    Valerie Thorpe with her award

    Valerie Thorpe receives the 2014 CACN Community Award.

  • Esme Woolley

    Esme Woolley with her award

    Esme Woolley receives the 2013 CACN Community Award.

  • Phil Dolby

    Phil Dolby with his award

    Phil Dolby receives the 2012 CACN Community Award

  • George and Heather Johnson

    George and Heather with their award

    George and Heather Johnson receive the 2011 CACN Community Award.

  • Ken Heywood

    Ken Heywood with his award

    Ken Heywood receives the 2010 CACN Community Award.

  • Sylvia Taylor

    Sylvia Taylor receiving her award

    Sylvia Taylor receives the 2009 CACN Community Award.

  • Derek Killingsley-Smith

    David Billyeald and Derek Killingsley-Smith

    Derek Killingsley-Smith recieves the 2008 CACN Community Award.

Latest features from the magazine

Every three months there is a new edition of Crich Standard magazine packed with news and feature articles. Click on the images in the boxes below to read the feature or browse the full features menu.

  • Our green and pleasant (local) land

    Hay making in Crich

    Agriculture plays a major part in what makes our villages work as a thriving community. It provides food, employment and ample opportunity for recreation, particularly walking along the many miles of well-defined footpaths. Read more here.

  • Summertime fun

    Summertime fun

    Summer 2020 saw a host of activities arranged for children in the Parish. Ranging from physical, creative and social events, all the sessions aimed to encourage youngsters to have fun! Read more

  • Comrades Club – plans old and new

    Comrades Club receipt

    The Crich Comrades club turns 100 years old this year! Curious to know more about what it cost to get started? Find out here

  • What makes us tick : a community working together

    Crich Rec

    How, we as a community, transformed our old, but much loved recreation ground and developed a great facility for all. Paul Yorke tells us more

  • Community Walk with foraging expert Brendan McDowell

    21 September 2021 Community Walk with foraging expert Brendan McDowell

    As part of the BBC's Country File Ramble campaign, Active Crich for Everyone have organised a Community Walk with foraging expert Brendon McDowell. 

  • Crich Parish Council update

    11 September 2021 Crich Parish Council update

    Read the actions that came from the recent meeting of Crich Parish Council

  • Helped needed to tidy up St Mary's Church Yard

    11 September 2021 Helped needed to tidy up St Mary's Church Yard

    There will be a work party day – open to all comers with their garden tools – on the morning of 30 October.

  • Volunteers needed for Crich Youth Club

    09 September 2021 Volunteers needed for Crich Youth Club

    Would you like to help young people in our community? 

    In June, 23 young people attended a consultation event and gave an over whelming thumbs up to holding a weekly youth club at The Glebe. We will be kicking off the Youth Club in October and the club will be run by a mix of paid youth workers & volunteers. 

  • Continued need for Crich Community Pantry

    09 September 2021 Continued need for Crich Community Pantry

    THANK YOU to all those who have topped up the Crich Community Pantry over the past weeks, it has sorely been needed by families and individuals.

  • An Exhibition of The Royal Family Tree

    08 September 2021 An Exhibition of The Royal Family Tree

    An exhibition of the Royal Family Tree designed and complied by Grange Genealogy will be held at All Saints Church Hall, South Wingfield