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Crich Well Dressing

Image of 2018 Well Dressings in Crich Market Place

2019 is the fifth year of well dressings in Crich Parish, so look out for a number 5 in each picture on the trail!

The small organising team (four of us) appreciates the support the Parish Council, participants and local businesses have given us to make this event happen. It’s amazing how quickly it has grown, and it’s really well attended by locals and people from further afield. This year, 13 groups will be taking part. More important is the fact that well dressing provides the opportunity for people of all ages and abilities to be involved in a community event. When a group first joins, it is given instructions on how to make a well dressing, as well as lots of support from the organising team. Within groups, people soon start to work things out, help each other and share idea. This year, the organising team is extending the advertising to a wider audience. Instead of going from group to group, we’ll be putting up posters in nearby villages and towns. Last year, we were able to support the organisers of the local Open Gardens. They staged their event alongside the well dressings and we look forward to a repeat for 2019.

Another enjoyable part of our work is to liaise with our local schools. As the theme for this year’s event is ‘books’, we hope to see children dressed as characters from their favourite stories. For the opening, children and adults have been invited to read extracts from stories and poems as well as stories in song.

The well dressings opening celebrations will be held on Saturday 6 July 2019 at 11am, in Crich Market Place.There will be a well blessing by Reverend Ian Whitehead, followed by entertainment by Paddy Cooke and his street organ, local choirs and lots more. Donations on the day will be in support of Crich Scout movement.

Trail maps cost £1 and list all the well dressings from 6-13 July, plus Open Gardens on 7 July.

Maps are available from Crich Market Place on Saturday and Sunday and from local retailers during the week.

For more info, please come and talk to the team and don’t forget to like our Facebook page, Crich Well Dressings.