Stormy Crich Stand by Paul Yorke

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Wakebridge, Cromford Canal, Lea Bridge circuit

Bluebells in the woods

A beautiful walk from Crich to Wakebridge, Cromford Canal, Lea Bridge, Holloway back to Crich.

by Ken Hawley

About 7 miles but can be shortened considerably. Wild daffodils in early spring, lots of blue bells but all year round views.

Walk tried and tested - JP and CB

1. Start from Coast Hill; along Coast Hill Terrace to cross a field. Ignore the first finger post - carry on to reach a gate. Pass through the stile and bear left keeping the hedge on your right. You come to a driveway, walk down it to join Coddington Lane. Turn left. Walk down the road until you reach a drive on your right with a seat at the top.

Map of start of route to Coddington
Map of start to Coddington

2. Walk down the drive towards Coddington Farm. Turn right between hedge and walk along field to Cromford Road. Turn left and walk towards Wakebridge on the footpath. Pass two finger posts on the left to reach the finger post by the chevrons. Enter field and turn right (As shown by yellow arrow). Walk with the wall on your right towards the woods. Go through a stile into Leashaw Wood. Go through the wood until you reach the road that joins Robin Hood to Holloway. Cross the road down drive to Leashaw Farm. You will see a footpath sign just before going into the bottom yard. Pass through the gate going down steps onto the canal. Picture of finger post by chevrons

Wakebridge to Robin Hood
Map of point 2 to point 3

3. Turn left on the canal. Shortly you will reach Gregory Tunnel. Keep left of tunnel, go up bank to the top of the tunnel. Ignore the footpath on your right unless you wish to take a shortcut. This path will take you past Leahurst into Holloway. Pick up the walk again at [7 ].

Map of point 3 to point 7
Point 3 to point 7

4. Go down the slope and on the right you will see a well trodden path going into Leawood. Although not an official footpath it has been walked for many years into woods belonging to the Woodland Trust. This is a favourite wood for birdwatchers. Notice the nesting boxes when walking through. Eventually you come to a big bracken covered field. Follow the path up the field to a stone seat. Sit down and look ahead. There used to be two cottages called 'Tunnel Cottages' and the seat you sitting on came from the cottages when they were pulled down.

5. Carry on along the path until you reach a forked track. Keep left walking through the wood. On your right notice a spring. Water from this was a supply for a mineral water factory many years ago. Eventually you reach the road at Lea Bridge. Just before this on your right is a lodge which belonged to Lea Hurst which you shall be passing later.

6. Turn right up the road for about 200 yards then opposite some housing cross the road to a kissing gate. Turn left keeping the wall on your left. This is the boundary wall of Leawood Hall. Follow the path into a field. Go round the wall on your right to reach Lea Hurst drive. Cross over the drive, passing Lea Hurst where I worked for 12 years. Follow the path across the field bearing left to the road. Walk up the road into Holloway.

Map of point 7 to point 8
Point 7 to point 8

7. Cross the road and walk up the steep hill towards Upper Holloway. Shortly you come to a stile on the right, go through following the path across fields towards Wakebridge Farm, about 3/4 of a mile. Turn right when coming to the track to Wakebridge Farm, then left down to Wakebridge Corner.

8. You have choices for the return journey back to Crich. The shorter route is to retrace the path you came on. Or, if you still have energy turn left up the lane to pass round Crich Quarry reaching Crich Stand. Down the drive, turning right at the bottom. Carry on towards and passing Crich Tramway Village. Turn left at the corner before Coddingtom Lane, along the lane to cross field back to Coast Hill where you started.