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Walking in Crich with Crich Junior School

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If you met a visitor in the village or a new family moved in next door to you, which walk around our parish would you recommend? Which walks do you enjoy with your family and dogs? These are the questions we discussed in school when thinking about this article.

Crich Junior Children ready to walk

Whole-school walks are often cited as a favourite activity of our pupils. During the summer months you might see us rambling and scrambling along various trails around the village.

The children have devised a walk around our village which they thought families might enjoy – it’s an i-SPY ramble. They wanted the walk to feature the local countryside as well as the village itself, taking in the stunning scenery of Derbyshire. We explored the village looking for interesting buildings and features. The pupils also considered your safety in their quest.

The walk is 6.3km in total and takes a minimum of two hours. The route is organised so that it can easily be done in one go or in two halves. Questions 1-5 are in one half and questions 6-13 are in the second half. The i-SPY section can be done anywhere along the route.

Junior Children doing the I-Spy challenge

The map is available to download on the Crich Standard website at crichstandard.org/cjswalk. It can also be found on our school website: crich-jun.derbyshire.sch.uk (click on the tab labelled ’A Flavour...’ followed by Current News and Events).

We hope that you enjoy doing the walk as much as we did planning it. A few local walkers who trialled the map said: ‘It was interesting looking at the i-SPY list and quiz and seeing things we didn’t know existed in Crich, such as the maze and the “dragon’s lair”.’

Junior school children enjoying a view over Crich


Begin on School Lane.

1. How old is Crich Junior School?

Head up on to Market Place.

2. Look for the water trough.

Who replaced the metal and when was it replaced?

3. When was the Baptist Chapel built ? Day, month and year!

Turn left on to The Common (question 4 is just past the turning to Sun Lane, so you will have to backtrack slightly).

4. Find a house with three windows in a row. Why are they there? (Look on the pavement below.)

Go up Sun Lane. Then bear left up the hill. Continue downhill on to Chapel Lane. Keep straight on until you reach a house called Torpoint (no. 47). Turn right on the footpath up the steps to the top of The Tors.

5. How many steps are there up to The Tors? (Start counting from the stone flight behind no. 47.)

Turn left and walk across the top of the four fields. Take a path down the steps on to Chadwick Nick Lane. Turn right on to the lane. Continue on the lane and take the second public footpath on the left through the woods. This footpath will bring you out on to Sandy Lane. Turn left on Sandy Lane towards the farm across the road. At the farm, follow the footpath back up into Crich. Go through the gate on to Chase View. Turn left on to Bulling Lane. Bear left and continue up to Coasthill. Follow the bridleway straight through the bottom of the fields. At the road, cross over to the Tramway Village side of the road and walk up the hill. Follow the footpath up to Crich Stand at the side of Plaistow Green Road. Walk up to Crich Stand.

6. Crich Stand is a memorial to whom?

7. How many soldiers from this regiment died in the Great War?

Follow the same footpath back down towards the main road.

8. At Townend you may be able to see DCC inscribed on a stone in the wall. What year is also inscribed on the stone?

At the main road, follow the pavement towards the church.

9. How many sides does the church spire have?

10. Who lived at Grove Cottage? (Look at the gravestones under the yew trees.)

When you leave the church, cross the road and continue left until you reach the jitty at Wheatsheaf Cottage (Wheatsheaf Lane) and turn right on to it.

11. Can you find the pathway to Church Meadow? You might spot a ‘dragon’s lair’ down there! What is it?

Turn left down Coasthill and on to Bulling Lane. Look for the footpath through the tunnel, on the left, and head on to the Recreation Ground.

12. How many trees used to stand next to the playground (the Recreation Ground)?

13. In the Recreation Ground, where can you find the names Peter, Ruth and Lizzie?

Junior School children at Sandy Lane










Railway line



Church tower



Radio/phone mast





Hay bale


Wind turbine


Wooden/metal gate










Beacon tower



Badger/badger sett



Horse paddock



Peregrine falcon

Tall factory chimney