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Consultation on ward boundaries for Amber Valley Borough Council

by Geoff Brown

poster giving details of the consultation

The Local Government Boundary Commission is carrying out an electoral review of Amber Valley Borough Council. 

It has launched a consultation on proposals relating to the representation of the different wards in the borough. This consultation seeks the views of interested parties regarding the following areas:

  • The total number of councillors
  • The number of wards
  • The number of councillors per ward
  • Ward boundaries
  • The names of the wards

There is a consideration to reduce the total number of councillors from 45 to 42. In any rearrangement, each councillor should represent approximately the same number of electors. The wards should as far as possible reflect the interests and identities of local communities and the arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.


The consultation is open until 3rd May and draft recommendations will be published in August. There will then be a period of further consultation, with final recommendations being published in January 2022. Any new electoral arrangements will come become effective from the May 2023 local government elections.

Further details are provided in the poster above. The consultation can be accessed on the website using the following link


Chilly Challenge

by Claire Ganthony

homeless person on uk street

Every January in Derbyshire, Scouts hold an event called "Chilly Challenge." In non-lockdown times, our 1st Crich Scouts would hike to a camp site and camp for a cold weekend, sometimes under canvas and sometimes in an equally cold hut.

The regular Scout campsites are all unavailable for camping this year in January (due to COVID-19) so the members of our local Scout group will be completing their Chilly Challenge weekend at home this year. It will all be happening next weekend 30 to 31 January 2021!

As the Scout leaders planned the weekend with the youngsters, one of the young people suggested that we get their friends and families to sponsor them, not for Scout funds but for the homeless. The rest of the members thought this was a great idea. These young folk really want to make a difference!

Bill Caine, one of our Scout leaders, has set up a Go Fund Me page for the charity Crisis. It's a charity well known for its work in supporting homeless people.

Please support our local youngsters as they make a difference to the lives of homeless people. They would be so encouraged if they reach the set goal of £500!

If you would please visit the Go Fund Me page and donate a small amount in support of for our 1st Crich Scouts in their "Chilly Challenge" weekend, we would be very grateful.

Energy saving advice from Citizens Advice

by Andrew Auld

Save money this winter

Are you worried about energy bills this winter?

Citizens Advice are here to help...

By taking small steps you could make big savings:

  • Check if you’re eligible for discounts, grants or support
  • Switch your energy tariff or supplier and get the best deal
  • Save money this winter while keeping your home warm
  • Contact our Adviceline to find out more and to book a free energy advice appointment.

Call: 0300 456 8390

The Angel Gabriel has appeared!

by Geoff Brown

The angel Gabriel, created by Crich Willow Weaving Group, at the Bulling Lane - Coasthill juncton

The Crich Willow Weaving Group came together during the first lockdown and started to create a number of artistic pieces (see previous news items relating to the Art Sharing Project). Within a few months of distanced outside working, they agreed to jointly create an uplifting piece for the village.

The Angel Gabriel was the inspiration of their teacher Mogs, with all of the group delighted to contribute. Gabriel now graces the planter on the junction of Bulling Lane and Coasthill as you head up from Crich Market Place.


Some of Crich Willow Weaving Group with the sculpture of the angel.
Some of the Crich Willow Weaving Group with the Angel. Photo: Annette Love.

In daylight the Angel is impressive enough, but is then inspiringly lit after dark.

There has been a huge reaction, with many villagers stopping to take a look. The group commented that:

We are delighted if  folks are enjoying the Crich Angel

In January it is hoped that The Angel will find a permanent home in the church.

The planter will then be planting with bulbs by Jordan James to carry on cheering us through the winter.

Look out for more about the Crich Willow Weaving Group in the next edition of Crich Standard

Local crime and policing survey

by Andrew Auld

From Hardyal Dhindsa, Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire.

One of the Commissioner’s key roles is to consult with members of the public and we are always aiming to get views from a representative section of the population of Derbyshire. In previous years we have been able to work face to face and meet many partners, residents and service providers, however this year due to the current COVID 19 situation we are not able to engage in this way and are seeking your help by sending this out to as many people as possible so can obtain the views of RESIDENTS OF DERBYSHIRE.

The questions cover a variety of issues regarding crime where residents live and their opinions on local and regional policing.

The survey should take about 4 minutes to complete, please click the below link to be redirected to the survey.

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