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Amber Rock holiday resort

by Linda Philo

Crich quarry

Developers are asking the local community for their opinions on their proposed plan to turn Crich Quarry into Amber Rock holiday resort before they submit an outline planning application to the Council. Details of the proposal can be found on the Amber Rock Resort website Comments are requested by 22 March 2021.

A full public consultation will take place once the planning application has been received.

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Comments and responses

  • John Sanderson:

    15 Mar 2021 11:14:00

    I have to say that it seems a wholly inappropriate venture. Quite apart from the light pollution,noise and increased traffic which such a development would bring, it seems to me that if the Covid pandemic has shown us anything, it is that human beings have encroached upon the natural world too much. This is true both globally and locally. Furthermore,the pandemic and lockdown also showed that people have a yearning to experience nature. By far the most sensible use of the redundant quarry site would be to develop,maintain and manage it as a nature reserve. This would be a marvellous amenity not only for local people but also for visitors, particularly if its paths were suitable for wheelchair users. Moreover, unlike the proposed resort,it would be in keeping with Crich Stand and its Memorial Grounds
    The historical importance of Crich Stand cannot be overestimated. Beacons on hills have a special place in Britain’s history, going back to ancient times.They have been places where our ancestors have commemorated fallen warriors or where fires were lit to warn of invasion.It is apt, therefore, that Crich Stand has become a monument to our fallen service men and women.Such places are special. Those who visit can experience a unique feeling of peace and tranquillity,which at present the gentle rumble of the occasional tram in the museum below does not disturb. Indeed, the trams with which our grandparents and great-grandparents were familiar enhance our contemplation of history and the lives of our recent ancestors. What is proposed would, in contrast, be a monstrous desecration.
    As for the jobs it will supposedly bring, as in all leisure businesses they would be low paid and insecure. Britain’s economic future, particularly now we have left the EU, depends on our becoming a manufacturing nation once again, particularly in the urgently required area of new, green technologies, where the jobs will be skilled,better paid and sustainable. Theme parks , leisure villages, call them what you will, add little to the nation’s wealth. More crucially,at this point in history, the proposed Amber Rock Resort is a concept whose time has passed. Rather, we need to repair the damage to nature. We need more space for nature to thrive which will, ultimately, allow people to thrive.To paraphrase one of Britain’s greatest writers, Alan Bennett, if only those in charge would have the decency,the foresight and the imagination to leave well alone.

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