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Art Stand Group

Art Stand Group logo

Art Stand was formed Christmas 2019. Currently we have ten local artists who get together to discuss art and craft, plan local exhibitions and visits, do workshops and generally have fun and socialise..

The group aims to be all inclusive and provide a stimulating, encouraging, non-judgemental environment where people can explore the many art possibilities and cover a wide range of media, while developing our own skills and knowledge.

Some members are new to art, others have been doing it for years; we also have some who work professionally. We have painters, leather workers, textile artists, weavers, potters and someone who makes wonderful full size figures from Papier Mache.

Local art
‘Mr Green with Baby Green’ Philip Cox 1990. Photograph Warwick Baggaley.

As a group we are keen to get involved with local community events and work towards developing the Arts in the Parish. We hope to cater primarily for the Whatstandwell, Crich, Fritchley and smaller local hamlets below Crich Stand.

Although the aim has been to meet regularly, Covid-19 has meant we have had to limit our meetings. Currently we are more of a Whatsapp Group and share ideas and current projects online. However, we do try to put on at least one annual art exhibition and art sale, plus like participate in local events organised by others.

Local art
‘Gt. Longstone Dale’ David Hunns 2017 Watercolour

It is a great time to join our informal group as we are still exploring exciting possibilities. If all this sounds interesting, then why not contact us and have a chat. We are not focusing on developing one particular form of media, both 2 and 3 dimensional work are of interest to us. We would also like to move into working with other groups to provide one off creative experiences within the local community

For more information, contact David Hunns: 07835 886595

Facebook: Artstand