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Dementia yoga by Paul Yorke

Introduction by David Ashton

The national statistics make for stark reading: 850,000 people in the UK currently live with dementia, a figure Alzheimer’s UK expects to rise to one million by 2025, and the annual cost of dementia to the UK economy is a staggering £26 billion. And if you just think about your own network of friends and relatives, it’s almost certain you know someone close to you who’s affected.

But just as dementia is widespread, so too are the myths about it. Here are just a few examples:

“Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same.”

False: Alzheimer’s is just one form of dementia, although in fact it’s the most common form.

“Dementia is a natural part of ageing – after all, we all get a bit forgetful as time goes by.”

False: dementia is caused by diseases of the brain that are quite separate from normal ageing, and there’s far more to it than memory loss.

“People with dementia are no longer the person they were previously.”

False: they retain many of the memories (especially emotional ones) and skills they once had, and we need to treat them with dignity and humanity.

“Dementia is pretty much a death sentence: once you’ve got it, all you can look forward to is a slow decline into more and more severe confusion.”

False: while there is currently no cure, and it is therefore accurately defined as a terminal illness, it is quite possible to have dementia and still maintain a good quality of life.

The Crich Patient Participation Group has concluded that we could and should do more to support people with dementia, or those who care for them, who are in or visiting our community. In fact, a lot is happening already. Here are just some of the ideas that are being worked on:

  • Find out the size of the problem, e.g. the number of people locally with dementia, the numbers of carers etc. The GP practice will know and may be able to advise without breaching confidentiality.
  • Set up a central local contact point – for finding information, providing leaflets for volunteers to distribute, for accessing information etc. This will help empower people to get involved.
  • Offer a training workshop to local shops and businesses to help them become dementia-friendly
  • Develop social activities for people with dementia, such as dementia-friendly performances of theatre, singing etc.
  • Set up a volunteer visiting service, particularly thinking about people whose family may not live locally themselves.
  • Recognise the impact of reduced transport etc. – this needs to be understood by decision-makers.
  • Bring together the existing services – lunch club, Muddlealong, Supporting Solutions, Care Line – which are not always joined up.
  • Offer services to carers via the Glebe.

Anyone who’d like to sign up as a ‘dementia friend’ can do so free and without obligation at ,or locally you can contact or Phone 01332 208845.

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Crich PPG has set up a small group under the leadership of Frances James, and involving representatives of other local groups, to take these ideas forward. The emphasis of all that we organise is that it should be inclusive and embraces everyone in the community.

Some informative books about the subject are listed on the CPPG page in the Practice website or from the CPPG Chair at:

Here is a ‘poem’ that Dementia Friend Ronda Sims shared with Crich PPG to highlight ways of dealing with dementia.

Never argue, instead agree
Never reason, instead divert
Never shame, instead distract
Never lecture, instead reassure
Never say “remember”, instead reminisce
Never say “I told you”, instead repeat/regroup
Never say “you can’t”, instead do what they can
Never command/demand, instead ask/model
Never condescend, instead encourage
Never force, instead reinforce

Regular dementia friendly seated yoga sessions now take place regularly. They are every alternate Tuesday morning, from 10.00am to noon at the Glebe Field Centre, Crich. Read more about them here.

The music sessions, held at the Wesleyan Chapel on the second Friday of every month at 2.00pm, continue to be very popular. The sessions are well attended but we are eager to ensure that as many people who would enjoy them know about them and come along to experience the fun for themselves. We would be most grateful if people would share information about the music sessions with anyone who they think might want to come. As we have mentioned before, transport can sometimes be provided. If you would like more information, please ring Heather Johnson on 01773 856212.

If you know of anyone who would like to receive a regular newsletter but has not received one to date, please contact Frances James on 01773 852692. Should you have any comments about or suggestions for our work or want more information about our activities, please get in touch.

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