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Local organisations

List of local organisations with links either to sub pages or their own websites.

Local charities

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  • Cats in Need

    picture of a cat laying on it’s back

    Cats In Need is a Fritchley based charity dedicated to the care of found, abandoned, sick and feral cats in our local area.

    Facebook: Cats in Need

  • It’s good to talk

    advert for Crich Careline. call 01773 853754

    Andy Harding talks about his experience of volunteering with Crich Careline. 

    I thought talking to old ladies would be boring: all blue rinse and daytime TV. It turns out they’re into all sorts of weird stuff. Pro wrestling, for instance. Read more here 

  • Derbyshire Toy Library - Crich

    Wooden blocks that spell out PLAY

    Come, stay, play & take away at Crich Toy Library!

    Facebook: Crich Toy Library


    Young people who are supported by the Chiks project

    CHIKS is a community run project based in Crich, Derbyshire, providing food, education and medical care for orphaned children in Aduwa, West Kenya.

    Find out more...

Latest news from local organisations

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Upcoming events involving local organisations

Crich Heritage

Crich Heritage

Thu Mar 25 19:30:00 2021

Richard Booth will talk about Ashover Light Railway

Subject to restrictions, this event will take place at 7:30pm at the Crich Glebe Field Centre.


Glebe, Crich Heritage, Talk