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ACE - Active Crich for Everyone

Rachel Jennings in a relaxed yoga pose

by Rachel Jennings

Scroll down this page to see details about Free Taster Events coming soon. There is also a list of active groups and sessions with contact details so whether it's yoga or pool, walking or ballroom, there's something there for you.

A bit like The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, ACE was formerly known as Fitness Fortnight! The name change is something that came out of looking back at Crich’s first Fitness Fortnight in July 2019, and listening to the feedback on how we could improve it.

Trish Howard first came up with the idea of a healthy village mark – like Britain in Bloom – involving schools, and asked me to come on board.

Some people found the word ‘fitness’ off-putting and, as the point is to be inclusive and get everyone involved, we came up with a new, more welcoming name: Active Crich for Everyone. ACE!

I’m already involved in people’s health as an osteopath and getting them more active (teaching yoga), and I know what it’s like to move into the village and not know anyone. I also know how important community is for mental health and wellbeing. So it was a no-brainer – I was completely sucked in!

Trish and I batted ideas around over a cuppa. We came up with a plan to organise a fortnight of fun events leading up to the annual fete, use the tents the day after the fete, and pull together a listing of the activities that were actually on in Crich, so people knew about all the existing classes, teachers and venues.

ACE Yoga
ACE Yoga

So with Linda, Kate, Phil, Sara, Dom and Geoff’s help, we got the list together. We set about organising free tasters and events at venues including the Glebe Field Centre and the Tramway Village. We put on a retro disco, did lots of yoga, mindfulness and total fitness in the fete tents, and natural running and a village rounders match on the rec. Alongside all that, we did a fabulous fun run from The Cliff Inn with Jog Derbyshire and held a retro disco. 

We now plan events all year around. So keep an eye on Crich Standard's events calendar and our Facebook page for up to the minute details

We’re really keen to get new people on board at ACE with ideas, energy, and just more hands on deck to make the fortnight even better. You don’t need a mankini or six-pack to help. Although a different kind of six-pack may be welcome at meet-ups…

If you would like to get in touch call or text Rachel on  07877 320723 or Follow us on Facebook

ACE Rugby

Spring 2020 Programme - coming soon!

Click on the links for more information


The first edition of Crich Standard was full of ideas on how you and your family can get involved in active pursuits in the local area so we've pulled together a directory of organisations and groups, with contact information and days and times of classes/activities. There are options for all ages and fitness levels. Take a look to see if there’s something that appeals to you.

If your active passion is missing from our list, you could even start a new group!



Contact Name


Ballroom/Latin/Modern & Sequence Dance Crich Glebe Field Centre Kath Cresswell 01773 872022
Chair based Yoga (dementia friendly) Crich Glebe Field Centre Frances James 01773 852692
Children’s Dance Class (3 classes - Tots, Juniors, Teens) Crich Glebe Field Centre Kath Cresswell 01773 872022
Circuit Training Scout Hut Sarah Poplar 07876 342201
Cliff Inn Cricket The Cliff Inn, Crich Alistair Varley 01773 857037
Crich Walking Group Crich Market Place Bus Stop Peter Herbert 07591 227123
Dru Yoga Crich Glebe Field Centre Sue Copson 077591 61649
Indoor Bowls Crich Glebe Field Centre Roger Phipp 01773 857762
Jog Crich Crich Market Place Ian Travers 07973 600989
Line Dancing Crich Glebe Field Centre Kath Cresswell 01773 872022
Pilates (beginners) Scout Hut Zenny Middleton 07736 677956
Pilates (intermediates) Scout Hut Zenny Middleton 07737 677956
Serenity Yoga Crich Glebe Field Centre Helen Sutcliffe 07967 169365
Table Tennis Crich Glebe Field Centre Steve Howard 07778 000135
Tai Chi Holloway & Crich Group Florence Nightingale Hall, Holloway Carl Bateman 01332 553365
Ultimate Body Workout Crich Glebe Field Centre Sarah Poplar 07875 342201
Yoga Crich Glebe Field Centre Rachel Jennings, QI to Health 07877 320723
Yoga Crich Tramway Rachel Jennings, QI to Health 07877 320723
Recreational Cycling Group (informal) The Cliff Inn, Crich Tracey Cartledge 01773 852444
Snooker League The Comrades Club Ade Smith 07960 494130
Pool League The Comrades Club Ade Smith 07960 494130

Latest news about sport and activity

  • New Yoga Classes at Sawmills Village Hall

    17 December 2019 New Yoga Classes at Sawmills Village Hall

    New classes starting 7 January 2020. Yoga is an holistic practice that benefits the health and wellbeing of the mind, body and emotional (spiritual) aspects of our being. Often in life we can feel fragmented and unbalanced causing our bodies to feel strained and tired, our minds unable to think clearly and our emotional or spiritual self to feel unsettled, restless and even dissatisfied with our lives. Yoga helps to unite our entire being so that we feel whole and completed therefore improving not only our physical health but also our emotional and mental health.

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  • Join Fritchley Community Choir

    09 October 2019 Join Fritchley Community Choir

    I started Fritchley Community Choir about five years ago. It began as a small group of adults and children who just enjoyed singing on a Wednesday evening!

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  • New Adults Dance Class at Crich Glebe Field Centre

    04 October 2019 New Adults Dance Class at Crich Glebe Field Centre

    Move in a relaxed environment to a great selection of irresistible music! No previous experience necessary.

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  • Deaf people do it differently

    09 September 2019 Deaf people do it differently

    Read about forthcoming productions from the Belper based Red-Earth Theatre

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  • Results of the 10th Crich Monument Race

    16 July 2019 Results of the 10th Crich Monument Race

    Dan Haworth wins the tenth Crich Monument Race in record time ahead of 243 other runners.

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Upcoming ACE events

Crich Monument Race

Crich Monument Race

Sat Jul 11 13:30:00 2020

The race is open to all comers, club runners, pub runners, slow runners. In particular we would like teams from clubs, pubs and societies, everyone is welcome.  All proceeds go to well deserving local charities.  

The route is mainly off road with fantastic views of the Derbyshire countryside and is a REAL challenge for Fell, Road and Trail runners, the race distance is approximately 11.3 kilometres including 1000 feet of climbing.

Trail Running Association Permit Number 936 

The Race starts at 1.30pm.

Crich Monument Race website


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