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Getting active in our community

We regularly have features in the magazine about people getting active and organisations that support us to be active. Read about them here and browse all the features in the quarterly magazine.

  • Activity for younger people

    Children on the climbing frame on Crich Recreation Ground

    Ways the children and young people of the parish get active

    With activity such an important part of staying healthy, this article looks at all the opportunities the children and young people of the parish have both at their schools and at home.

  • Running the monument race

    Running shoes

    From Cromford Canal to Crich Stand

    The annual Monument race takes place on Crich Village Fête Saturday and is a tough 11km course right down to Cromford Canal and back up to the Crich Stand monument. Read about the challenge and how to enter the race.

  • Fitness fortnight

    Ballroom dancing at the Glebe

    Getting stuck in as a newcomer

    Alan Richmond reports how he and his wife were inspired by the Fitness Fortnight in summer 2018. Read about what they got up to here.

  • Running tips

    Jog Crich runners

    To run or not to run?

    Thought about taking up running but don't know how to get going? Lacking the motivation to keep at it? Don't worry, Ian Travers of Jog Crich has all the information you need to get started in this article: To run, or not to run?

  • Tour de Crich

    Cyclist in Derbyshire

    Getting out on the cycling trails

    A cycle ride for the family taking in some iconic Derbyshire trails and villages. Follow the route and plan your day out here.

  • Volunteers are ACE!

    volunteers at Crich Fun Run

    Volunteering with Active Crich for Everyone

    Active Crich for Everyone (ACE) thank local volunteers who aim to promote wellbeing, health and fitness activities in the Crich community. Read article here

Latest features from the magazine

Every three months there is a new edition of Crich Standard magazine packed with news and feature articles. Click on the images in the boxes below to read the feature or browse the full features menu.

  • Fritchley community volunteers

    Celebrating in Fritchley village hall

    Celebrating Fritchley volunteers

    From small beginnings, the Fritchley Community Association (FCA) has grown into a force to be reckoned with, as Dom Andrews discovered in this article...

  • It’s good to talk

    Crich Careline

    Andy Harding talks about his experience of volunteering with Crich Careline. 

    I thought talking to old ladies would be boring: all blue rinse and daytime TV. It turns out they’re into all sorts of weird stuff. Pro wrestling, for instance. Read more here 

  • Lifeline for parents

    Mother and children at popalong

    Two well-established local groups offer welcome support to those with young children. Both Toy Library and Popalong provide a lifeline for parents, with hot drinks, friendly faces and listening ears in abundance, thanks to the efforts of the volunteers who run them. Read more here

  • All aboard!

    A young driver at the tram controls

    In full control

    Passionate about trams? Enjoy meeting new people? Crich Tramway Village could be the volunteering destination for you! Read more here...

  • Crich Churchwarden

    Church warden in action

    The ceremonial but working warden

    Of all the voluntary roles that have kept Crich functioning over the centuries, that of churchwarden is probably the most ancient. Read more about this important role.

  • Margaret Lane

    Margaret Lane

    Being the chair of CPC

    A chat with Margaret Lane, Chair of Crich Parish Council. What's involved? What does the Council do? How can you get involved? Find the answers here.

  • Showtime at Fritchley School

    A Fritchley school flautist

    Playing a great tune in Fritchley

    Musicals magic and fabulous flautists at Fritchley School. Find out how the children have been making music in this article.

  • Farewell from Cheryl Julian

    Cheryl Julian

    Head teacher retires

    Memories to treasure... Cheryl Julian looks back at the 18 years she spent as Headteacher of Crich Junior School. Read the full article.

  • Learning the ropes

    Belper Ringers

    Ringing is well within the capabilities of most people. The initial teaching takes several weeks, after which a learner can begin ringing with the rest of the team. Read more about how you could get involved.

  • Where there’s Derbyshire, there’s brass

    Brass close up

    Learn more about the long history of Brass Bands in our area here

  • Harvest Hymn


    We Plough the Fields and Scatter was written by Matthias Claudius in German, based on Psalm 144, published in 1782 and translated into English by Jane Montgomery Campbell in 1861. Read more about it in this fascinating article.

  • Together in electric dreams

    Soundgas Will

    Around two years ago, a mysterious ‘S’ logo appeared on a building on Coasthill, which had formerly housed the Crich SureStart Centre. Read about Soundgas, the business that now occupies these premises.